So why is sleep so important?

Sleep is a natural part of everybody’s life. Sleep is something our bodies need to do it is not an option. Even though the exact reasons for sleep remain a mystery, we do know that during sleep many of the body’s major organs and regulatory system continue to work actively. Some parts of the brain actually increase their activity dramatically, and the body produces more of certain hormones.

There are great many possible reasons for sleeping poorly. Following sleep hygienic principles may solve problems of physical or emotional discomfort. When pain, illness, drugs or stress are the culprit, the cause must be treated. Sleep disorders, including the sleep apneas, narcolepsy, primary insomnia, periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD), restless leg syndrome (RLS) and the circadian rhythm sleep disorders are treatable.

If you’re lacking quality sleep, you may benefit from a custom made adjustable bed to suit your Putting extra stress feedback thought specific requirements. Our custom made to order electric adjustable beds can provide a deep comfortable nights sleep reducing the amount of sleep required to rejuvenate your body and mind. Our mattresses extract heat away from the body and ensure a comfortable temperature is maintained during your slumber.


Sleep, like diet and exercise, is important for our minds and bodies to function normally. In fact, sleep appears to be required for survival!

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