Standard Beds vs. Adjustable Beds

A standard bed requires no introduction – its been around for centuries and consists of a solid bed base or bed frame and mattress. One negative attribute to sleeping on a standard bed is that it does not conform to the natural curves in the body, which can lead to several health problems, including sleep apnea, back soreness and poor circulation.

In contrast, an adjustable bed consists of a combination of three-part adjustable bases that can be independently lowered and raised at will. With functions such as head raise, leg raise and zero gravity, an adjustable bed allows for sitting or leaning to be enjoyed in a more convenient and relaxed manner. And with a click of a button, a more comfortable sleeping position with minimal effort.

One way to ensure a good nights rest is to invest in a good quality electric adjustable bed base and supportive mattress.

An Adjustable Bed might just solve that problem.

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